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  Private Papers

From the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library Collection Dr Gopalaswami Ayyangar Collection
Dr Durgabai Deshmukh papers and OH Transcript Rajkumari Amrit Kaur papers (Speeches and Writings) Rameshwari Nehru papers Mridula Sarabhai papers (on micro film)

The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi (Electronic Book) (New Delhi:Publications Division, Government of India, 1999) 8 volumes.

The Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, 26 volumes, Jawaharlal NehruMemorial Fund.

  Institutional Papers

From the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library Collection National Planning Committee, AICC Files Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust papers

  Parliament Records: Parliament Library, New Delhi


Motion regarding Relief and Rehabilitation Situation, 26 March 1949 Abducted Persons (Recovery and Restoration) Bill, 15–17 and 19 December 1949

Undesirable Immigrants (Expulsion from Assam) Bill, 8–10 and 13 February 1950

Motion regarding Draft Outline of Third Five Year Plan Lok Sabha, 22, 23–6 August 1960

Rajya Sabha, 5, 6 September 1960

Children Bill, 1959, Rajya Sabha Discussion on 15 February, 22 August, and 6-8 December 1960

The Children Amendment Bill, 1978 Rajya Sabha, 14 December 1977 Lok Sabha, 28 February 1978

  Committee Reports

Report of the Select Committee, The Children Bill 1954, Presented in Rajya Sabha, 30 November 1956
Report of the Joint Committee, The Children Bill 1959, Presented in Rajya Sabha, 30 August 1960

Evidence presented to the Joint Committee, The Children Bill 1959, CS No. 26

Report of the Ganga Sharan Sinha Committee for the Preparation of a Pro-gramme for Children, Department of Social Welfare, Government of India, 1968

  Government of India Publications

National Charter for Children, 2003, Published in the Extraordinary Gazette Of India, 9 February 2004

Progress in Recovery and Restoration of Abducted Persons from 1 January 1954 to 30 September 1956, Central Recovery Organisation, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, 1956

Report of the Committee of Members of Parliament on Education, National Policy on Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India, 1967

Profiles of the Child in India: Policies and Programmes, Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of India, 1979

Paul-Pont, Ika, Child Welfare in India, (New Delhi: Ministry of Education, Government of India, 1963)

Bhaskar Rao, U., The Story of Rehabilitation, (New Delhi: Department of Rehabilitation, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Rehabilitation, Government of India, 1967)


‘A National Policy for Children’, Proceedings of the National Seminar, Indian Council for Child Welfare, 12–15 February 1964 Stein, Howard, ‘UNICEF in Bellagio: A Memoir’, Unicef History Paper, October 2007

Bakhry, Savita, Children and their Rights in India, National Human Rights Commision, 2006, available at

Unpublished Papers

National Plan of Action on Children, (2004), Draft NGO Response/ Suggestions for Amendment
Swaminathan, Mina (2006), Note on Anganwadi Staffing and the ICDS, for the XIth Plan

Global Meeting of Child Workers, (1996), The Kundapur Declaration, Kundapur (Karnatka)

Child Labour (Employment Regulation, Education, Training and Develop-ment) Bill, (1985), developed by Concern for Working Children

Report of the Gurupudaswamy Committee on Child Labour, (1979), Government of India

Dossier on Child Labour, (2006), Concern for Working Children Evaluation Report of the Working of the Welfare Extension Projects of

CSWB, April 1959, PEO Study No. 30, Planning Commission


Dr Babu Matthew, former Coordinator, Centre for the Child and the Law Professor Shantha Sinha, Chairperson, National Commission for the Protec-

tion of Children’s Rights, India

Dr Archana Mehendale, Associate, Centre for Child and the Law, National Law University, Bangalore

Dr Krishna Kumar, Professor, University of Delhi

S. Vivek, former Coordinator, National Alliance for the Fundamental Right to Education (NAFRE)

Dr Bharti Sharma, Former Chairperson Child Welfare Committee, Nirmal Chhaya, Jail Road, Delhi

Ms Enakshi Thukral, Founder-Director, Haq Centre for Child Rights Dr Sabu George, Campaigner to End Female Foeticide

Mr Subhasis Chakravartty, Convenor National Coalition for Worker’s Rights (NWCR), former Executive Committee Member, NAFRE

Mr Sanjiv Kaura, General Secretary, BSP, Himachal Pradesh, former National Coordinator, NAFRE

Ms Sumita Mehta, Former Media Coordinator, NAFRE



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