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    1. Introduction

      Standpoint of the Unwanted Child   

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    2. Elapsed Laws
    3. In the Shadow of Partition

      …. In coming to terms with Partition, the Indian State did not accept the singular view of the child as    a subject. Instead it chose to define the relationship of the child with the State through carefully    developed rules of inclusion and exclusion ….

    4. Social Worker and State: Bonds of Trust
    5. …. Only with time, did it become clear to the social workers that in approaching Nehru, they approached    not only Gandhi’s spiritual heir but also the State. ….

    6. Hyphenated Child–State Relationship
    7. … The State had to take sides in the conflicts of interest that were arising between the rights of     children, those of family, community and the adults in their lives …. The identity of chacha        establishes not only the relationship of the State with the child but also of the State with the     family … a clear acknowledgement of an asymmetrical power relationship. ….

    8. Making of Tomorrow’s Adult
    9. … The journey from the 1964 seminar calling for a national policy to the 1974 gazette notification of   the National Policy for Children (NPC) was long. … The struggle between the welfare and development   approaches that had marked the public conversation on children for more than a decade found no echoes   in the House. …. The discussion on the NPC focused less on the nature and more on the scope of State   responsibility towards children. ….

    10. Acknowledge the Mini-Adult
    11. … The idea of the child as mini-adult was new and emerged from an analysis of work places and adult   rights. Yet an idea so radical in formulation and so obviously challenging the status quo of the   child-State relationship became quickly acceptable due to a particular set of circumstances ….

    12. Emergence of the Child Rights Advocate
    13. …. Fault lines that emerged around the rights of children who happen to be girls signaled the emergence   of the child rights movement and an entire generation of social activists who saw themselves   primarily as speaking on behalf of children. ….

    14. Future Narratives

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